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These are a mix of our own genetics which produce some lovely and unique hen colourings. These girls are not laying yet but are female. Sexing is 95% accurate but the odd cockerel does sometimes slip through (very rarely). If this is the case please send us a message directly and we will exchange the cockerel for a hen.


These are pullets and will lay a mix of different coloured eggs when they reach point of lay - please note egg colour for these hens cannot be guaranteed as the birds are a mixture of those in our flock - this could be Brahma, Jersey Giant, Cream Legbar, Rhode Island Red and more!


Each hen will only lay one colour of egg but this can range from dark brown through to white, pink/cream, blue, and olive. Last year we had mainly blue and olive egg laying hybrids as our Cream Legbar Cockerel was very busy with the ladies.


Due to being hybrids, these hens will generally grow quicker, and lay more eggs per year.

All of our hens are with unrelated cockerels as we belive the genetics should be as far apart as possible.


Cockerels may also be availible if you're looking to expand the genetics within your own flock - please message if you are interested in this.

Colours may vary according to availability - the pictures are an indicator of what we have, not specifically what is still available.

Pullets available now

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